Offering unique large event consulting and technology to help
mitigate the risk of sexual assault.

Lighting the way to safer large event experiences.

NightLight was created by Dr. Kari Sampsel in response to her groundbreaking research showing the rising trend of the occurrence of sexual assault at mass gatherings. She designed NightLight’s consulting service based on her own training and experience as a sexual assault physician. In collaboration with technology specialists, she has directed the development of the NightLight mobile app to act in either a stand-alone capacity or as an add-on to the consulting services to help mitigate the risk of sexual assault at mass events.
Working in conjunction with sexual assault specialists and associated medical services world-wide, NightLight is the first safety consulting company of its kind. With a focus on sexual assault prevention at mass gatherings like concerts, festivals, frosh week, and spectator sporting events, where fun should be everyone’s priority, NightLight is here to Light the Way.


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Dr. Kari Sampsel
MD, MSc, FRCPC, DipForSci

Dr. Kari Sampsel is a staff Emergency Physician, the Medical Director of the Sexual Assault and Partner Abuse Care Program at the Ottawa Hospital, and an assistant professor at the University of Ottawa.

Throughout her career, Dr. Sampsel has been active in the fields of forensic medicine and medical education, presenting at multiple international conferences, writing publications, and remaining active in committee work. She has been instrumental in working with community groups and launching many community initiatives, including bystander intervention training for preventing sexual assault.

As part of Dr. Sampsel’s training she undertook fellowship training in Clinical Forensic Medicine at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine in Melbourne, Australia, and is currently the only Canadian physician to hold this designation.